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Mikuni Carbs

Fine Tuning Your JetSki: All You Need to Know About Carburetors

December 9, 2019

HOW TO TUNE JETSKI CARBS While there seems to be an abundant number of folks selling high performance carburetors and carb kits, there seems to be a desperate shortage of folks providing “understandable” information on carburetors and fine tuning your jetski. Here you will find how to read spark plugs, make high/low speed adjustments and pressure test your fuel system.…

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Speed testing your jetski

Speed Testing Your JetSki: How to Get the Best Results

December 8, 2019

How to measure the speed of your jetski, what equipment you will need, how to prepare your jetski and what the ideal conditions are for speed testing. But first a little background on measuring speed in the marine environment. In the times of the old mariners, water-speed was measured in knots…literally speaking. A rope that had a knot tied every…

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