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Yellow Kawasaki 550 Jet SkiPainted by Neil Bollmann

How to Paint a Jet Ski

July 27, 2021

How to Paint a Jet Ski Tips from Neil ‘Neilski’ Bollmann, the Jet Ski Painter of the Stars How To Learn from the best on how to paint a jet ski, with Neil Bollmann who recently joined Vintage JetSki on the Ride by Day, Wrench by Night podcast.  Neil was around for the glory years painting for the likes of…

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Neil Bollmann on Ride by Day, Wrench by Night Presented by Vintage JetSki

Neil ‘Neilski’ Bollmann: the JetSki Painter of the Stars

July 26, 2021

Today’s episode is with Neil Bollmann, Jet Ski painter of the stars! Neil was around for the glory years of Jet Ski racing and has made a big name for himself as a legendary painter, people thought his paint jobs were stickers, they were so good! Have a listen as we go back through the golden years and hear what…

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Riding Styles - Chris Fischetti doing a leg drag turn

Learning From Legends: Finding Your Riding Style

July 22, 2021

Learning from Legends: Finding the Vintage Riding Style that Works for You Ride By Michael LaBattaglia Let’s talk jet ski riding styles… Modern riders of vintage jet skis have available to them a variety of aftermarket handling components to mimic the performance of modern hulls.  In the early days of the sport, however, few parts existed to improve the handling…

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